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Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya is in the process of establishing a scholarship fund with the aim of providing financial assistance to full time undergraduates of the University of Peradeniya. Scholarships will be awarded on financial needs, academic success, and future plans of the applicants. These awards are open to undergraduates of all faculties of the university.

The committee has established strong contact with the university and discussions are underway to initiate a scholarship fund to assist needy students to complete their studies. This is a long term project which will create the opportunity for the alumni association & its members to give back something to our University and to contribute towards its development.

The committee has decided to establish a subcommittee to manage the scholarship fund and its utilization & members who are interested in this cause are invited to be a part of worthy cause.

In 2014 we have achieved this key objective by offering financial assistance to 16 undergraduate students who are in dire need of financial support. These students were chosen from 8 faculties of the University with the assistance from the Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya. The selected students receive an assistance of 12,000.00 rupees in two separate instalments. A quote from one of the recipients of financial support from us said.

“I’m lives in Anuradhapura district in a rural village. I have lot of financial problems because we are farmers. I’m specially thank for you for giving me a financial help. My English knowledge isn’t very good, if there any wrong I’m kindly apologize. I am following general degree so I’ll be end up the course in January, then I could be able to find job”.

The ‘Needy Students’ were selected based on an eligibility criteria adopted by the AAUPCC. A student to be eligible he or she must be a currently enrolled undergraduate from a family with:

  1. Only one parent is working but in a lowest paid government employment, yet not eligible for government funded financial aids;
  2. Low income parents and large number of siblings;
  3. A parent chronically ill or physically/mentally disabled;
    or an undergraduate who:
  4. Has a disability or is suffering from an illness
  5. Has suffered from a social injustice
  6. Is in second year and finding it difficult to afford off campus accommodation
  7. Is a final year undergraduate in need of financial assistance to submit a thesis


If anyone likes to contact the AAUPCC regarding the funding program for ‘Needy Students’, please contact the committee members by sending an e-mail to

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