University of Peradeniya Alumni domiciled in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have been meeting informally since 2007 and maintaining a close relationship with each other. We even had annual get togethers and social events. In 2010 the organisation was formalised by incorporating and the Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya was born.
Intention of the incorporation was to have a strong legally bound organisation which could operate within the legal framework of Australia and is accountable, transparent open to all alumni. The association has a set of rules adopted by the majority which forms our constitution. It also provide opportunity for the members to elect their representatives democratically. The association is now in a position to disburse its resources for the benefit of the University in general with the consent of the membership.


  • To encourage, foster, and promote close relations between the University of Peradeniya and its alumni, and among alumni themselves.
  • Promote the alumni body and its interests, affairs, and wellbeing.
  • Provide & disseminate information regarding the university, its graduates, facilities, and students to the alumni members.
  • Foster co-existence with other organizations in Canberra as well as the wider community
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR): Skill development of the Canberra wider community
  • Promote environmentally friendly activities to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Serve as a medium through which alumni may support and advance the pursuit of academic excellence at the university.
  • Guide and assist alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at the university to obtain employment and encourage the productive pursuit of work useful to society.


The association’s constitution can be downloaded here.

AAUPC Calendar

6.30 PM

AAUPCC AGM and Annual GetTogether

Location – Canberra Deakin Football Club


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