Musical Concert සිත්තම් කරමින් - 2022

Over the years, Mental Health has been a critical issue for a number of students at the university of Peradeniya which resulted in students either leaving the University without completing their studies or in some cases ending their lives. Even though mental health has a significant impact on the lives of reasonable number of students, lack of support programs (funding, consulting or counselling) has been an issue that needs addressing.  This issue requires attention far more than ever due to the Sri Lanka’s worsening economic and political situation. 

With an objective to address this issue, the Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya Canberra Chapter (AAUPCC) initiated mental health assistance programme which was highly appreciated by the Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya (AAUP).  The AAUPCC agreed to run a pilot project to provide financial and advisory support for needy students for two years period.  Further, the AAUPCC has also increased number of scholarships to 26 in 2022 from 14 in 2021 to support additional students with financial hardships.

To raise funds for the mental health program and to increase financial support for needy students, AAUPCC organised a classical musical concert ‘සිත්තම් කරමින්’ which held on 18 June 2022 at Manning Clark Hall, Kambri Precinct, Australian National University. Famous musicians of Dayan Witharana, Shami Nadeesha, Indrajith Mirihana together with five local artists performed on this wonderful event.  Canberra Community enjoyed twenty-four beautiful songs on the night.  AAUPCC members also helped prepare snack packs to raise additional funds. Money raised from selling tickets and snack packs will go to this mental health initiative.


The AAUPCC is highly grateful to the Canberra community for being part of this remarkable event and for their contribution to the worthy cause. AAUPCC also thankful for the Canberra Community for their continued support for the Association.


The AAUPCC welcome donations from individuals who wish to support this program.

Please use this link if you wish to be part of this worthy cause.